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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 8: Time for Some Big Decisions

For the eighth week of this project, the girls were back in the conference room to make some big decisions. This was the first week they would spend picking out parts for their motorcycle. This was an exciting week for the girls! They had spent the last couple week removing parts from the bike and now they were getting the opportunity to pick out the replacement pieces.

Since the third week of the project, the girls had been perusing a couple of books with thousands of different parts. From information gathered from prior conversations with the girls, Amy Klock put together options for the girls to choose from. The girls discussed their options as a group and then, in a blind vote so they would not sway one another, the girls chose their replacement parts one by one.

After the first few rounds of voting, the girls switched their attention to a very special guest, Jeff Kreun. Jeff is the owner of Kreun Kustoms and specializes in upholstery. He had come to surprise the girls by offering his services to them. All the girls were quite excited that they Jeff would be re-doing their motorcycle seats.

Jeff brought different samples of fabric for the girls to see as well as brainstormed with them what they could do to set their seat apart. The ideas began to fly! Jeff sketched some of the girls' ideas out and promised to bring an example of what they had decided to do in the weeks to come.

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