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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 10: Michael Prugh Makes a Visit

If you've ever dealt with the anticipation one feels when waiting for something exciting, then you probably know how the girls and staff members felt at today's Helping with Horsepower class meeting. Weeks ago, Michael Prugh, a very well-known and respected designer and the owner of Prugh Design, had agreed to help the girls with their project, and today he was making a special trip in to visit with them!

 Prior to this meeting, Michael had received a copy of the girls' original "Phoenix" design. In order to help the girls modify their design so it could be painted and reassembled in the time frame they've been allotted, they would need to reconsider a few of the design elements they had originally discussed. 

Michael talked with the girls about what they were looking for, what their inspiration was, and what their final vision looked like. After he felt that he understood where the girls were coming from, he took some notes to take with him so he could begin working with the painter to come up with the final design. The girls were very excited and semi-anxious to see what their collaborative design would look like. 

After Michael and the girls had finished talking about the design for the motorcycle, Jeff Kreun came in to surprise the girls with an idea he had been working on for their motorcycle's seat. 

The girls were pretty excited to see what Jeff had been cooking up. Although this feather to flame design was just a preliminary example of what the girls could choose to do, it sure did get some conversations going!

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