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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 5: On Your Marks, Get Set, VOTE!

After a couple weeks of brainstorming, a lot of coloring sheets, and multiple drafts from each of the girls, it was finally time to have the girls vote on the bike the design they would use as the inspiration for the finished product.

In order to have a fair vote, all the pictures were numbered and hung on the wall for the girls to see. They were able to get up, walk around, and examine all the ideas they had to choose from. Each of the coloring sheets also included a story. The stories were written by the girls to express both the idea of their individual bike designs as well as each of their interpretations of the project itself; they explained how their bike design reflected what the project meant to them. "I liked being able to see all our designs," said Jasmine. "It was exciting to think about what we were going to be doing."

After taking the time to carefully look at all their options, the girls were given a piece of paper to vote on both the design they'd like to pursue as well as the story that they felt best explained their project.  The winner would be announced at the next week's class.

After the girls turned in their voting slips, it was on to the topic of tools!Since the girls were actually going to be wrenching on the bike, they needed to have a basic understanding of what tools they would be using. Amy Klock an adviser to the project, pulled out tools and went over their names and purposes with the girls. They were also instructed on the proper way to handle the tools for safety reasons.

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