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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 3: Diving Into Design

Three weeks in and it's time to get down to business. Mike Maloney from Black Hills Harley Davidson led this week's class, teaching the girls about motorcycle design basics. Since the girls are going to be providing the inspiration for the motorcycle design, it only made sense that they get a little direction from a professional.

Mike visited with the girls about parts on the bike they'll be able to swap out and customize, color schemes, body styles, and how everything works together to create a full design. Once again, the girls had a lot of questions. "Can it have lights?" "Can it be more than one color?" "Can it have a cup holder?" "How do you know if you should get tall or short handle bars? You don't want your arms to be like this..."

Almost immediately the girls started coming up with some pretty creative ideas. Hoping to capture some of their initial excitement and thoughts, the girls were given coloring sheets to draw out their ideas on.

The girls were able to look through parts books as they colored so they could see some of the options that would be available to them for their own designs. The girls put in a lot of effort on their coloring sheets; accounting for even the smallest of details. "It was cool to color all the different parts," said Vena (4th grade Girls Inc. member). "I wanted my design to look fancy." Some of the girls added notes that clearly described their idea if they didn't feel their coloring job described their concept clearly enough.

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