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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 16: Down to the Details

What a busy week! Last week, the girls completed their 16th week of the project! Time has certainly passed by quickly.

During their class session last week, the girls worked on a few different things. Steve, from Black Hills Harley Davidson, stopped down to provide the girls with some assistance while they put on some of the new parts for their bike. The girls worked on getting the new handle grips on, some pieces of the headlights assembled, and several other details.

While the girls took turns working on the bike, the rest were working with Jeff Kreun to help design the details of the seat's upholstery.

Jeff prepared a really exciting project for the girls! He cut out pieces of fabric that would fit the seats on the bike and then let the girls use chalk to sketch designs on them. Eventually, the girls' designs will help Jeff when he produces the final covering for the seats.

There are certainly some very creative and amazing artists in this group of girls!

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